CentroNía is ready to grow and we need your help

This upcoming new year CentroNía is expanding to Silver Spring, Maryland and Bunker Hill Elementary!

We are happy to be able to provide high quality early education and care to new families in the community and to be able to equip parents with the necessary tools and services to succeed.

Opening doors for early learners in Silver Spring, Maryland

Access to high-quality, affordable early education and care remains one of the greatest challenges for Montgomery County families: with over 71,060 children aged 0 to 5 years old residing in the county, a growing number of low-income families need, but have limited access to, early childhood services.

The Martha Gudelsky Child Development Center will be a state-of-the-art facility offering accessible full-day early education and care to 127 children from birth through five years old in multicultural, bilingual (English/Spanish) environment.

The center will open in early fall of 2024, after which it will operate year-round, with a minimum of 75% of slots reserved for children from low-income households.

The center will also create 40 new jobs, opportunities for local partnerships, and space for community events.


The Martha Gudelsky Child Development Center is a nonprofit organization established in 2016 to provide additional childcare “seats” for children of mixed-income families to meet the growing community need for accessible early childhood services and ensure that children can develop the foundational skills and disposition to succeed upon their transition to Montgomery County schools.

The Homer and Martha Gudelsky Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. Founded in 1968 by Martha Gudelsky, it contributes to charitable programs devoted to improving health, education, the arts and the community. The Martha Gudelsky Child Development Center brings to fruition her vision to improve the lives of children.

CentroNía is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization providing affordable, high quality early childhood education; professional development for educators; and family support services in a bilingual and multicultural environment to over 2,400 children and families. For 36 years, CentroNía’s holistic approach has helped children and families succeed academically, develop a keen sense of community, and live healthy and active lives.

Montgomery County invests nearly $6 million annually in its early care and education system to meet young children's developmental needs and close opportunity gaps. The County has entered into a long-term ground lease with the Martha Gudelsky Child Development Center to operate a child development center at the site of the former Silver Spring Library.

CentroNía coming soon to Ward 5!

Bunker Hill Elementary School established in 1883 has seen significant transitions from its early years as the demographics of its immediate neighborhood change.

Bunker Hill is proud to be a collaborative learning community made up of the staff, students, and families they serve. They provide a rigorous and joyful learning environment and instructional program focused on the individual needs of our students and community. Their school community offers a space that engages students academically and socially to feel loved, challenged, and prepared.

Neighborhood Cluster is comprised of, North Michigan Park, Michigan Park, and University Height, and the school’s demographics is, Black:76%, Hispanic/Latino: 15%, White: 7%, Asian: 1%, Pacific/Hawaiian:1%, and Multiple races: 1%.

CentroNía at Bunker Hill will have 4 classrooms and will serve Infants and Toddlers.

We will also be recruiting for 12 teaching positions and 2 administrative roles - a Center Director and an Administrative Assistant.

If you would like to help us continue our mission in providing high quality, early childhood education, care and family wraparound services, make a gift today by visiting our DONATE page!