CentroNía Sustainers

Supporting CentroNía is easy when you invest and become a CentroNía Sustainer.

As a CentroNía Sustainer, you will join an exclusive group of committed supporters who pledge recurring donations toward CentroNía's high quality early childhood education and support services.

Our special individual giving program levels are:

CentroNía Sustainer: When you pledge to give up to $50 each month.

CentroNía 500: when you commit to give $100 month.

CentroNía 100: when you pledge to give a monthly gift of $500.

CentroNía 50: when you pledge $1,000 or more each month or quarter.


CentroNía 50 ($1,000+ and who continue to actively support the organization)

  • Name recognition in the Donor Hall of Fame Champions section of the CentroNía website with a link to a featured supporter profile
  • Annual report mailing
  • Welcome letter from President & CEO
  • Mention of CN50 Level entry in the program of an annual CentroNía event such as a Gala

CentroNía 100 ($500 monthly)

  • Welcome letter from President & CEO
  • Name recognition in the membership section of the CentroNía Donor Hall of Fame website
  • Annual report mailing

CentroNía 500 ($100 monthly)

  • Welcome letter from Director of Development & Communications
  • Annual Report mailed

CentroNía Sustainer ($50 monthly)

  • A monthly gift convenient for you as an Investor and Supporter of CentroNía’s Mission
  • Your Monthly gift is helpful for CentroNía in planning and delivering on our Mission and Vision.
  • As an Investor in CentroNía’s Mission, you get to see the impact your donations are making more frequently.

Other Individual Giving Opportunities and Levels

One-time donations

Donate! Your donation today can help ensure a future of high quality early education for children from low-income families in CentroNía:
  • $25 can buy books in English and Spanish so children can learn to read and write bilingually
  • 50 can provide early childhood education students with art supplies to support their development and creativity
  • 100 can provide an early childhood classroom with hygiene products for one week
  • 500 can provide a child with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack every day for a month

Want more information?

Contact: Patrick Salami (202) 332-4200, ext. 1012.