Cause-Related Marketing

Cause marketing is a collaboration between CentroNía and your company that promotes your company and benefits our programs through the donation of full or partial sales of products or services. Working with CentroNía on your cause marketing campaign will benefit your company and the community.

A Cause-Related Partnership with CentroNía is Simple!

Choose a product or service to promote and then donate all or part of the proceeds for a limited time. We can help you conceptualize the campaign and we'll share it with all our friends!

The Benefits

The work is minimal, but the return can be great. Just spread the word about your promotion (and we will too!) and watch the business come in. Not only is it great low-cost advertising, but it will also communicate to your customers that you care about your community and especially the next generation of employees, and/or consumers.

According to a June 2019 study published on Harvard Business School Online's Business Insights blog, 77% of consumers are motivated to buy from companies committed to making the world a better place, while 73% of investors say efforts to improve the environment and society contribute to their investment decisions. (Source).

93% of employees believe that companies should lead with purpose. Another 88% believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to make money at the expense of society at large. These figures make it clear that organizations must devote efforts not only to developing CSR initiatives, but also to ensuring that employees are aware of them.

In addition, many consumers take corporate social responsibility into account when deciding what products or services to buy and where to buy them.

  • Improve your corporate image
  • Communicate your social responsibility
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Directly impact the children in your community
  • Build customer loyalty and generate new sales
  • Leverage CentroNía's extensive network of current families and friends, as well as alumni from the past 36 years. Let us promote your business for you through our family-friendly e-newsletters, website, social media and more.

Campaign Ideas

  • STEAM-focused companies can partner with us to further their community engagement in the STEAM sector.
  • Financial and investment firms have an excellent opportunity to partner with us for financial literacy for low-income families.
  • Retail or fast food establishments can donate a percentage of sales of a specific item for a limited time (we can help you launch a new product!)
  • Restaurants can create a special menu with a set amount that goes to CentroNía each time a special food item is ordered.
  • Licensed professionals can donate a percentage of their hourly fee or a fixed amount for each new client visit.
  • Golf courses can donate a portion of each green fee or private lesson booked. Or create a CentroNía golf and dinner package for a limited time.

Are you ready to discuss a partnership?

Contact: Patrick Salami (202) 332-4200, ext. 1012.