About NíaCentral

NíaCentral, a subsidiary of CentroNía, was created in 2016 to provide catering, workforce development, and administrative and managerial services to early childhood education centers and schools throughout the greater Washington region. With CentroNía’s more than 30 years of experience operating and managing early childhood education centers, NíaCentral will share this knowledge with other centers and schools so as to improve program quality and streamline administration and operations processes. For those interested in learning more about how NíaCentral can benefit your organization, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Current Services

NíaCentral offers the following products and services to interested centers and schools in the greater Washington region.

NíaCentral Catering

NíaCentral Catering is new catering company serving childcare centers and schools in the District of Columbia. Created at CentroNía, a distinguished non-profit with over 30 years of experience in early childhood education, NíaCentral Catering now caters the same food that it has been serving CentroNía’s children for over a decade. NíaCentral Catering was established to ensure that more young children have access to fresh, tasty and nourishing meals. We believe that children have the right to access foods that will enhance their development and help them to establish lifelong healthy habits.

Theatrical Journey Playbook

NíaCentral, and CentroNía, are excited about the release of the bilingual Theatrical Journey Playbook—a toolkit for early childhood educators and parents interested in replicating the project with their own early learners. Designed as a Pre-K curriculum enhancement for formal and informal educators, the Theatrical Journey Playbook introduces early learners (ages 3-5) to science themes through hands-on, multi-sensory guided pretend play called “journeys.” The book includes theoretical foundations, methodology, materials, techniques, rubrics, references, and 23 journey scripts.

Workforce Development

NíaCentral coaches provide highly interactive workshops and conferences on a variety of topics that are responsive to the needs of adult learners for professional development. These conferences and workshops provide staff who are working with children, youth, and adults in diverse settings with evidence-based strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of their work and introduce them to exciting thinkers who are shaping policy and practice in their fields.

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