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The month of September is child passenger safety month. A month that brings important awareness for families in insuring that their children are kept safe at all times when riding a vehicle. It is important to have access to helpful resources that will help in making sure to hold the safety of your child to the utmost importance as it has been reported that most car seats are not being used or are not installed correctly. While the end of child passenger safety month may be approaching, it is still good to have sources readily available whenever parents may find that they need them!

Here is a list of resources parents can use in order to make sure that they have a car seat and that it's being utilized in the most safest way.

  1. Inspection stations

Safe Kids Worldwide has provided a list of inspection stations located throughout the U.S. Inspection stations serve as a resource for families to come and make sure their car seats are properly installed in their vehicles and are safe to use.

DC: https://www.safekids.org/inspection-stations#DC

MD: https://www.safekids.org/inspection-stations#MD

  1. The Ultimate Car Seat Guide by Safe Kids Worldwide

This car seat guide provides basic tips for buying, installing, finding the right fit, and knowing when to change car seats for your children.

  1. Maryland Department of Health, Kids in Safety Seats (KISS)

The Maryland Department of Health and their program Kids in Safety Seats (KISS) have different resources that assist parents in car seat safety. Resources include webinars, car seat events, and a video car seat assistance program to teach you how to use and install your car seat(s). All the services they provide are free.

  1. MD: Holy Cross Health, Kids in Safety Seats car seat rental program

Holy Cross Health offers a Kids in Safety Seats car seat rental program where parents are able to rent a car seat for 9 months. An appointment must be made one month before the delivery and you must attend a 30 minute class where you will learn how to use the car seat.

  1. Montgomery County, Maryland Fire & Rescue Service

The Maryland Fire & Rescue Service in partnership with Safe Kids Montgomery County, provide free in person and virtual child safety seat inspections in different locations in Montgomery County, MD. In these appointments certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will teach you how to install your car seat and how to use it.

  1. Car seat information for families

The American Academy of Pediatrics has gathered important information for parents regarding car seats for children. Such information includes what type of seat is appropriate for each age group, installation information, and when children are allowed to change their car seat. They also answer common questions that parents may have when thinking about car seat safety.

Bringing awareness to child passenger safety is a chance to keep children safer in car and boosters seats. While it can be an overwhelming amount of information, all these resources can be instrumental in preparing for your child's journey inside your vehicle.