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We'd like to tell you about one family's experience with CentroNía, and to ask for your support as we continue to provide high-quality early childhood education and care, and family support services to low-income families in our community.

Jean and his wife Idrisse moved to the United States from Cameroon and have four young children. After friends in the community referred them to CentroNía's Takoma Park center, they enrolled their son Lucial and daughter Idrisse in Pre-K, and their infant Ismaila in Early Head Start. And they quickly saw the impact on their children's development. Jean shares, "With my second daughter, before she started taking classes there was a lot of reading, counting that she was still having a little trouble with… now she knows all those things very well."

When Jean’s wife Idrisse fell ill and he had to take a month off from work to care for her, he was anxious about the opportunities available to his children.

Idrisse unleashing her inner artist.

“Without CentroNía, I wouldn’t be able to afford putting them in school, like they are now…CentroNía helped me a lot, a lot, a lot.”

The family has continually progressed together, with Jean and Idrisse participating in CentroNía family workshops on parenting, nutrition, and financial literacy. CentroNía also helped them enroll in English classes and car seat programs, and the family benefited from center distributions of diapers, food, and other necessities.

Jean knows all too well that families need access to high-quality early childhood education and family support services.

"Hopefully schools will keep up with the same method of education that CentroNía has, because sometimes when you cannot afford it, you do your best with what you have."

Lucial exploring her musical side.

That's why we are asking for your support today. Your donation can provide children in our community with the quality learning opportunities they need to reach their full potential, and families with the wraparound services that help them thrive.

Thank you for your generosity.