Feature Image for Fall Internship with CentroNía: Eimi post

My name is Eimi Nishihira, and this fall I interned with CentroNía as their Development and Communications intern. I am a senior at Marymount University with a major in Communications. My focus and main interests within communications have always been the social media and writing aspect which CentroNía has allowed me to explore more about. I spent eleven weeks with them, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I am incredibly grateful for the experience I am leaving with.

At CentroNía, I was able to learn about social media graphic design which was my main interest from the beginning. After I expressed that my goal was to learn about graphics and content, the Communications team was very willing to adjust my experience to get the things I wanted out of the internship. I was assigned a certain number of graphics to do every week with no specific topic which allowed me to use my creativity. This enhanced my experience because I felt like how much I learned and how much I was willing to explore was entirely up to me. I have always planned to work with Hispanic or low-income communities because I feel a special connection with this demographic as a Hispanic first-generation college student who grew up in a low-income family. CentroNía proved to me that it was a good decision and that we truly make a difference in so many people’s lives. Some might not even realize how important early childhood education is or how important government-funded childcare is, but after my time here I understand why everyone at CentroNía does what they do.

As my semester ends and I begin my final semester of college, I am confident in my ability to perform well at my first communications job I take. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get started in my career in communications. I have learned so much, not just about CentroNía, but also about myself, my career, education, and community. I hope to stay in touch with CentroNía and the amazing people who have helped me grow this semester and have helped me prepare myself for what is to come.

Thank you to Eimi for sharing her fall internship experience with CentroNía!