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CentroNía is happy to announce the launch of our latest Annual Report! Over the past year, CentroNía has continued to work hard in achieving its mission in providing high-quality, early childhood education and care and support services to the low-income families we serve in the Washington DC and Maryland area.

Here is a letter from our President & CEO, Myrna Peralta as she reflects on the generous support we continue to receive in our community.

To all our Families & Supporters,

At the onset of the pandemic, a World Bank report issued an urgent call to action, warning that the weakening of early childhood development and foundational learning could mean lower learning trajectories for a generation. While the scale of the challenge couldn’t be greater CentroNía’s commitment to high quality and success over the past years have made it clear to me that our holistic response to the personal and collective circumstances that impact our children will continue to be the right path.

That’s why the recent return of partners and volunteers back into our centers to provide early intervention support, health screenings and dental exams, and more was so important. Parents are doing their part as well: popular workshops and events are bringing families together to cook and garden, to learn new skills and to share resources with each other. We were also thrilled to celebrate in person the achievements of our Child Development Associate Training & Scholarship Program graduates who, armed with new skills and credentials, will help children from all backgrounds at centers and schools across DC.

Children don’t respond to “quick fixes”, so the multifaceted approach you’ll see reflected in this report focuses on five pillars of child wellbeing: early learning, teachers equipped to respond to individual child needs, engaged and supported parents, healthy food and lifestyles, and comprehensive services that include health and early intervention. Together, these pillars strengthen our programs and services and help our community remain resilient in the face of challenges.

Donors, too, have responded to the need in so many ways, from donating toys and food baskets to raising funds to cover critical services for migrant newcomer families. Thank you for continuing to support CentroNía programs and partnering with us to make our young children, their families, and our community stronger.

Mil gracias,


Download a copy of our Annual Report by clicking the button below!