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Our Studio R.O.C.K.S. program has been a beacon of hope for countless children, providing a safe and nurturing environment out-of-school for nearly 36 years. With your support, we can continue to offer enriching activities, mentorship, and educational opportunities that empower our students like Iker.

Iker, a seven-year-old, is a cherished participant in Studio R.O.C.K.S at CentroNía. Studio R.O.C.K.S is a comprehensive before and after school program committed to delivering top-notch education to children from low-income backgrounds through various art forms and STEM activities, all within a nurturing and secure environment. Iker, who has been part of the program since kindergarten, has thrived under its guidance, soaking up knowledge and skills at every turn.

Norelia, Iker's mother, a single parent to four boys including Iker, faces the challenges of a demanding work schedule that spans from morning till evening. This leaves her unable to drop off or pick up Iker from school, during its operating hours. CentroNía and Studio R.O.C.K.S have been a godsend for Norelia, providing a vital respite from the stress of juggling work and childcare responsibilities. Knowing that Iker is in a safe and enriching environment brings her immense relief.

Iker thrives at Studio R.O.C.K.S, eagerly soaking up new knowledge and skills while developing strong values. His passion for building with Legos is evident, as he hones his engineering talents alongside his artistic endeavors. Meanwhile, Norelia finds solace in knowing that her youngest son is in a nurturing environment where he not only learns but also reinforces the values instilled at home and in Studio R.O.C.K.S.

Currently, Studio R.O.C.K.S faces a challenging situation due to the impending closure of Harriet Tubman Elementary School, where Iker attends. Harriet Tubman will relocate for two years while its original site undergoes refurbishment. The new location is too far for Studio R.O.C.K.S to continue providing services and safely escorting students, especially given concerns about street violence and harsh weather conditions. Without a viable transportation solution, Studio R.O.C.K.S will be unable to serve Harriet Tubman students. This loss of service would detrimentally affect many students, including Iker and his mother, Norelia, who rely on the program to support her employment and provide educational opportunities for Iker. Without Studio R.O.C.K.S, Iker would lack crucial support and a safe environment, while Norelia would struggle to meet her son's educational needs while maintaining employment.

But our impact doesn't stop there! Your support ripples through our community, creating a brighter and more hopeful future for all. Together, we can build a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

As the spring season blooms, we are excited to embark on a journey to enhance the lives of children and families in our community through our Studio R.O.C.K.S. We are reaching out to you, our valued supporter, to help us achieve our fundraising goal of $70,000.

Your donation of any amount this Spring, will make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. Whether it's $10, $100, or more, every contribution helps us inch closer to our goal and ensures that no child is left behind.

Thank you for your continued support. With your generosity, we can make this spring season a time of transformation and growth for all!