Feature Image for Celebrating Black History Month with CentroNía post

Black History Month is in full swing across CentroNía's centers, where children and teachers are enjoying books and fun art activities celebrating African American heritage and triumphs.

CentroNía is recognizing leaders of early childhood education throughout our social media as well as celebrating some of our own early childhood educators who make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve every day.

Check out our first post on Ms. Jeanette here, or read on to learn about Pre-K 2 teacher Ms. Jane!

CentroNía: What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Ms. Jane: My favorite thing about being a teacher is acting as a role model for my kids and educating their young minds to become critical thinkers. That they can ask why and to let them know, they can be anybody they want to be. It's nice watching them sometimes copying me pretending to be the teacher when they play.

CentroNía: Do you have anybody who you admire who identifies as Black/African American and who inspired you to get into the early childhood sector?

Ms. Jane: I admire my maternal grandma Caroline Wilhelm who was a descendant of slaves from the British Colony. She was a teacher for many years and had seven kids. My aunty, cousin and myself followed her profession and became teachers.

CentroNía: What drew you to CentroNía? How did you end up in your current role with CentroNía?

Ms. Jane: I moved from the United Kingdom (UK), England with my family to live close to my husband's parents as my parents both died my dad in 2012, my dad and 6 months after my mom, after being married for 40 years.

I applied to five early childhood education schools and when I came for my interview, I saw the multicultural diversity here at CentroNía and I was greatly impressed.

What is your favorite activity to do with your students at CentroNía?

Ms. Jane: I enjoy singing, dancing and messy play (painting) with my kids.

CentroNía: What advice do you have for those interested in becoming an early childhood educator?

Ms. Jane: Teaching is the best job ever. The kids are fun and it’s great when you teach and they ask why and they tell you their answers, every day is different. When they say things as it is and draw to represent what they are thinking, they are using their creative minds and making learning fun.