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CentroNía further prides itself in providing professional development opportunities not just to its own staff but to those who seek to gain further professional experience by interning with CentroNía. This past summer, CentroNía hosted Sarah, an intern for the Development and Communications teams. With interning with CentroNía, she was able to gain experience that will help her further grow her career. Read about her time in Washington D.C and with CentroNía below!

Hello CentroNía family!

My name is Sarah and I have had the pleasure of being the Development and Communications intern at CentroNía for the summer. I am originally from Louisville, KY and a rising senior at Augustana College. My studies focus on political science and communication, with a minor in women and gender studies. As someone who loves the world of politics and government, I was excited (and of course a little nervous) to explore the political sphere of the capital this summer. I got the chance to come experience D.C through The Funds of American Studies (TFAS), which has provided me the opportunity to attend once-in-a-lifetime events and participate in an amazing internship opportunity. I have been able to listen to amazing political speakers, learn influential leadership skills, and give the “adulting” thing a try. To say the summer flew by is an understatement, but it will be an experience that I will never forget!

Within my internship with the CentroNía development team, I was able to help with endless grant applications and be influential within the fundraising process. I have always had a passion for helping others and using my position and privilege to amplify the issues of those who are out of the political spotlight, this position has allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the work that goes into social justice organizations. By working with CentroNía, my eyes were opened to a whole new social issue that is being largely dismissed. The importance of accessible, multicultural, and nutritional early childhood education is off the radar for most political issues. But it shouldn’t be. When working in this department, I was able to understand how crucial accessible early childhood education is and the impact it can have on low-income families and their futures. When passing the classrooms at our headquarters in Columbia Heights, the new leaders of tomorrow are being built on a foundation of understanding and confidence that will lead to a brighter future for all.

As my time in D.C for the summer finishes up and I head back to college to start my senior year, I have made memories in the capital that I won’t soon forget. The culture of the city is addictive and I’m not talking about just the food. I am obsessed with the art museums here, the Renwick Gallery is my favorite, and am a huge fan of the accessibility of the metro. I have grown to love my walks in the city and how easy (but not smart) it is to spend money on amazing and fun experiences. It is basically impossible to run out of new things to try, fun places to go, and new things to learn. Being immersed in the D.C culture for the summer and being a part of the team here at CentroNía will have a huge impact on my professional career.

Thank you to Sarah and for her time with CentroNía!