Feature Image for A Fresh Start to School Readiness: A New CentroNía School Year post

At the end of summer, as we welcome in a new school year, fresh faces walk through our doors and remind us of the importance of high-quality early childhood education and care for the children and families in our community. A new school year brings exciting new lessons, friends, and routines. At CentroNía this is a time to build the foundational skills and dispositions that children need as they prepare for success in school.

Families like Chris, his wife Jessica, and daughter Madeleine remind us exactly why, come the end of August, we open our doors to bright-eyed, nervous faces ready to start a successful year of learning. Chris recently shared with us why he and Jessica chose CentroNía: “We always knew we wanted Madeleine to attend a day care at a school that reflected our community and our hopes for a more equitable city.”

Chris’ wife Jessica volunteered at CentroNía back when she was a college student. When looking into options for early childhood education and childcare, they knew CentroNía would be an excellent choice and have never looked back!

“CentroNía has been nurturing…Maddie’s teachers take great care of her, helping to navigate developmental transitions and challenging her to develop new skills.”

As the first day of school approaches, CentroNía’s classrooms and centers are painted, refreshed and re-stocked, while program staff and teachers dedicate themselves to a weeklong training retreat to keep abreast of the latest best practices in early childhood. As the classrooms fill up, teachers focus on assessing the needs of their new students, promoting their social emotional competencies and motor skills, and offering engaging hands-on activities that demonstrate how exciting learning really is. “We’ve always been impressed by how much CentroNía offers Maddie and the high standards for all the families it serves.”

With the help of our community of support, we can continue to ensure that families of all backgrounds can access high-quality early childhood education and care, and that at-risk families receive the wraparound support services they need for their family’s wellbeing. You can join the cause by becoming a CentroNía donor or volunteer today!