CentroNía Game Nights

Host a Game Night

At CentroNía we love to play games with our friends! Games allow us to learn—doing math when calculating a score, getting physically active while performing tasks, or utilizing brainpower to strategize or solve puzzles. At CentroNía, games (and play) are an essential ingredient in any early childhood classroom! They allow children to learn new concepts, sharpen motor skills, and develop positive relationships with their peers. And, of course, winning is a great self-esteem boost too!


Invite your family, friends, and neighbors over for a night of your favorite games to raise awareness and funds in support of CentroNia’s work in providing high-quality, multicultural early childhood education for our city’s immigrant and low-income, working families. Whether you invite everyone into your home or host a game night at your favorite neighborhood spot, you’ll certainly have a great time while supporting children and families in your community.

Tip: There are many venues that would donate a portion of proceeds to CentroNía for your game night, so be sure to ask them if they offer anything for nonprofits.

Our staff is on standby to provide you with support and we would even accept an invitation to join your CentroNía Game Night! If you are interested in hosting your own game night to raise awareness and funds in support of access to high-quality early childhood education for all, reach out via our contact form to learn more.

Looking for game ideas? We’ve put together an Amazon idea list of games we LOVE.