CentroNía Institute Reflective Practice Approach (CIRPA)

What is the CIRPA Toolkit?

CIRPA is a toolkit for early care and education practitioners to strengthen their ability to sustain quality teacher-child interaction and to create a stimulating and content-rich educational experience for children through intentional planning, documentation, assessment & reflective practices. CIRPA analyzes and provides tactics to improve scores for the ‘Instructional Support’ domain of the CLASS assessment, a scoring system used to evaluate the quality of early childhood classrooms. Along with the resources in the toolkit, CIRPA includes a professional development component followed by coaching and technical assistance cycles.


Current TeachStone data shows teachers score lower in Instructional Support when assessed through CLASS which means early childhood teachers struggle to connect cognitive development theory and practice. With the appropriate tools and support, teachers can learn to interpret and apply the latest research on brain development, developing and strengthening the necessary skillset to foster children’s development by encouraging them to make connections.

The CIRPA toolkit is designed to:

  • Enhance teacher’s understanding of child development
  • Strengthen teachers’ capacity to support positive outcomes for young children across all domains of development throughout the preschool day
  • Support directors and administrators in their role as educational leaders through coaching and reflective practice
  • Provide tools for practitioners to strengthen the quality of teacher/child interactions and to create stimulating, content-rich educational experiences for young children.
  • Teach and reinforce intentional planning, documentation, assessment, and reflective practices

CentroNía Institute offers a CIRPA Implementation Training that includes professional development, coaching, and technical assistance. For more information about CIRPA and its implementation please download this one-pager.