CentroNía Institute

About CentroNía Institute

The CentroNía Institute was conceived as the result of CentroNía’s experience and success working with young children, their families, and teachers in a bilingual, multicultural environment. The majority of children we serve are English Language Learners (ELLs). Due to these circumstances, this community is historically underserved, both locally and nationally, by center- and school-based education. The CentroNía Institute strives to raise awareness and strengthen institutional capacity to address these needs in the following ways:

  1. Presenting and disseminating research surrounding best practices for educating young ELLs.
  2. Offering professional development workshops and trainings to educators, school leadership, childcare center staff, and parents.
  3. Providing on-site technical assistance and individualized coaching to teachers and staff in real life circumstances in the classroom.
  4. Through education and training, our goal is to meet the needs of the growing population of ELLs and prepare teachers for a successful professional career in Early Childhood Education.

The CentroNía Institute offers the following:

Mentor/Coach Training

Our coaches provide on-site professional development and on-going support in a multi-level, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary structure that mobilizes teachers, administrators, and parents to produce positive outcomes for all children.

The Model Classroom

Our coaches engage teachers and educational leaders in a practical classroom context to look at the importance of environment in the process of literacy and language development in early childhood classrooms. Educational leaders apply planning, implementation, and assessment skills through continuous reflection of their practice.

Conferences, Workshops, & Technical Assistance

Our coaches provides highly interactive workshops and conferences on a variety of topics that are responsive to the needs of adult learners for professional development. These conferences and workshops provide staff who are working with children, youth and adults in diverse settings with evidence based strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of their work and introduce them to exciting thinkers who are shaping policy and practice in their fields.

Child Development Associate (CDA) Training Program

Child Development Associate (CDA) is a national credentialing program in early childhood education, including courses for home- and center-based programs. At CentroNía, we specialize in both infant/toddler and preschool endorsements with a bilingual specialization. CentroNía Institute coaches provide classroom instruction to prepare participants for the CDA credential exam which is administered by the Council for Professional Recognition.

Interested in enrollment?

The best way to learn about CentroNía and whether our services are right for you and your family is by making an appointment with our Admissions Office and speaking with a representative.