Quianna Jamison

Program Director for CentroNía, Stevens ELC and Bunker Hill Elementary
Quianna Jamison Photo

Phone:   202-442-5566

Quianna Jamison

Quianna Jamison is currently the Program Director for our center located in Stevens ELC. She has been with CentroNía for 5 years and previously was a lead teacher for one of our Pre-K classes at our Columbia Road site.

Quianna became attracted to the field of early childhood services over fifteen years ago and her attraction to assisting students to develop skills to become lifelong learners has grown tremendously. She believes that young students are the world's future leaders and that it is crucial to help young learners build on the skills needed to flourish.

Quianna believes that one of the essential skills to have as a program director/educational leader, is to be able to create a collaborative, inclusive, and safe learning environment that nurtures every student's needs. Another important skill she believes is important is the ability to build a learning community that encourages collaboration, implements change, and improves services to support the future success of all students.