Joangelee Hernandez

Education Manager for 3-5 (JrPreK & PreKEEP) Columbia Road
Joangelee Hernandez Photo

Phone:   (202) 332-4200, ext. 1013

Joangelee Hernandez

Joangelee Hernandez is the Education Manager for 3-5 (JrPrek & PreKEEP) for CentroNía Columbia Road. She manages Pre-K funds, works to meet and support families, makes sure the Creative Curriculum and the CIRPA approach are being implemented in the Jr. Pre-k/Pre-k classrooms, and finds resources that would benefit the program.

Joangelee holds a bachelor’s degree and also has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She also has worked within classrooms for approximately 7 years and has been in an administrative position for about 2 ½ years.

Since working with CentroNía, she has had a lot of transitions. In 2016, she started as an Assistant Teacher for a Pre-K classroom at our Upshur center and in 2018 was made Lead Teacher of the same Pre-K classroom. In 2020, while having to adjust to the global pandemic, she became the only virtual Pre-K teacher and developed a digital curriculum adaptation for all the 56 children that were not attending on-site but from home.
Finally, in the 2021-2022 school year, she was appointed assistant principal and in the summer of 2022 was appointed as the education manager of the 3-5 (Jr. Pre-k & Pre-k) program.

In her free time she likes to volunteer for the Smithsonian Museums, loves plants, loves watching movies and shopping with friends!