This past weekend, we celebrated a vital part of our community: CentroNía fathers! One of our centers’ points of pride has been how engaged CentroNía fathers are with their children’s learning and development. This week, we caught up with Dagnew, a father of three, to learn more about his experience.

“My favorite part [of fatherhood],” he shared, “is being a part of a team. Because I am acting like a father sometimes but I am also doing a mother’s work. That is my favorite. I do my kids hair, everything. Everything their mom does for them, I am able to do that [as well].”

Dagnew is the proud father of 8-year-old Yeabsira , 5-year-old Lydia and 4-year-old Hanani. With three kids, there are always fun activities afoot! “My favorite things to do with my kids is helping them with their schoolwork- especially reading, science, plus sports, physical exercises,” says Dagnew.

Dagnew’s family are part of Maryland’s burgeoning Ethiopian community and have been a cherished part of the CentroNia family for several years. His family, like many others, came to CentroNia through word-of-mouth when they shared their need for childcare services with a friend. Life would be a lot harder, he confides, without the help that CentroNía provides daily. “I don’t have words to explain my feelings for what CentroNía is doing for my family. If you have three kids, if you don’t get such a kind childcare center like CentroNía, you cannot work.”

“CentroNía does a lot of things for me, as a family, as a community.”

Family engagement is a core component of CentroNía’s model because parents are children’s first and most important teachers, making a two-generation approach the best way to support children on their path towards school-readiness. We want to take this opportunity to salute CentroNia fathers for all that they do!