For over 50 years, NAEYC has called upon all of us to celebrate our littlest learners during Week of the Young Child. Each day has a theme that is central to young children’s learning and development. “Work Together Wednesday” focuses on building and exploring together to discover math and science concepts and develop social and early literacy skills.

CentroNía’s Senior Director of Early Childhood Education, Dr. Rosalina Burgos, reflected on one unexpected recent trend she’s observed within our programs: increased family engagement in parenting workshops and with at-home activity kits.

“The pandemic has inspired many families to reconsider how to structure their living spaces and family time to support learning. Periods of social restrictions also underscored the impact that socialization and play have on young children’s learning and development.”

As our Early Head Start and Pre-K programs added more virtual and at-home supplements to center-based learning, families shared photos and videos that inspired each other to connect, model empathetic interactions, and experiment with how activities can be enjoyed across all ages. Many parents have even begun to add additional materials of their own to those provided by the program, with substitutions to adapt activities for older siblings!

“As we have all seen, home is a space for everyone, and younger children should be acknowledged and brought in as part of a team as we build soft skills to get along with others and take better care of ourselves.”

Learning to take turns, work as a team, give and receive feedback, resolve conflicts and cooperate to find solutions helps to prepare children for later success in school, work and in our communities. This Work Together Wednesday, we’re concentrating on group activities in the classroom and encourage families to do the same at home!