CentroNía’s Food & Wellness team helps families adopt the healthy habits that are so essential for young children’s learning and development. This includes a subsidized Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that helps families access fresh local produce and shares tips on how to use those fruits and veggies in meals that reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community.  

In the spirit of their efforts, this Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s look at some children’s music and literature dedicated to promoting healthy food and reflecting Hispanic cultural traditions: 


¡Come Bien! Eat Right! 
Image Source: www.joseluisorozco.com

Educator, children’s author, and recording artist José-Luis Orozco writes songs and recaptures games grounded in the rich oral traditions

Image Source: Smithsonian Folkways; Cover Art: by Elisa Kleven

of Hispanic cultures. His album ¡Come Bien! Eat Right! is a selection of bilingual songs, games, and dances promoting healthy habits for children, parents, and teachers. The album seeks to inspire families to prepare and cook healthier meals, stay fit, and–¿por qué no?–to dance and sing together.  

Orozco stresses the importance of involving families and the traditions they hold dear in the teaching process. He also advocates for the importance of dual-language learning, arguing “when children learn a second language, they also learn how to appreciate and respect other cultures and are more likely to have higher levels of achievement in school.” 


Proud to Be Latino: Food/Comida  
Cover Design: Edith Valles

Author Ashley Marie Mireles and illustrator Edith Valle bring us this bilingual picture book for children 3 to 5 years old that showcases the diversity of Southern and Central America as well as the Caribbean. Each page shows how an ingredient is used in unique regional dishes from different Latino countries. This bilingual board book takes the reader beyond a basic language primer and dives deep into the heart of Latino culture: ¡la comida!  


The mission of CentroNía’s Food and Wellness program goes hand-in-hand with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals of Zero Hunger (Goal #2) and Good Health and Well-Being (Goal #3). Through affordable CSA’s, nutritional workshops, and more, we aim to increase food security, improve nutrition, and ensure happy, healthy lives for the children and families we serve. Our work is even more critical now in light of the negative impacts the pandemic has had on child and adult health, especially for low-income families. 


CentroNía’s Food & Wellness team needs your support in order to maintain the reach and strength of our nutritional education workshops and events, such as Farmers Market visits and cooking demonstrations to show families how to use WIC/SNAP benefits to feed their families fresh local foods. Click here to support our food and wellness programming for low-income families!