Everyone knows the importance of having a safe and supportive place for their child to learn and grow, including essential workers Laura and Faraz 

As nervous parents-to-bethey prepared extensively for the birth of their daughter Hannah. Splitting up their to-do list, Laura took on the hefty task of finding aearly childhood center that would allow her and Faraz to continue working their demanding jobs. They visited many centers, but CentroNía stuck out to them. As soon as she walked into the center, Laura was struck by the warmth and welcoming shown by CentroNía teachers and staffIt really felt right,” she says. “We looked around and could see our child there.”  

Now a toddler, Hannah is thriving! “CentroNía has fulfilled our expectations and beyond in providing excellent care for HannahWe feel she’s really loved and well cared for; we trust the teachers and we’ve really gotten to know them, Laura shared.  

That trust and familiarity have been crucial for Laura and Faraz, who deal with rapidly changing demands in their roles as essential workers. Like so many others, over the past months they’ve experienced first-hand how the pandemic has created unique challenges for working families with little ones. 

When CentroNia reopened our doors in JuneLaura and Faraz were thrilled to see their daughter welcomed back and surrounded by the teachers and classmates she knew and loved. Knowing Hannah was in a safe place, being cared for by people they trust, meant the world to her parents. 

“You can see how everyone is so interdependent,” Laura reflects. “I can’t do my job and help people through this crisis if my immediate family is not secure. We’re just so appreciative.”

Even before the pandemic, quality early education and care was out of reach for too many vulnerable children and families. Throughout this crisis and beyond, families need a safe space for children to learn and growToday, we need you to be a champion for your community. Your donation goes to work immediately to provide educational materials, healthy meals, personal protective equipment, and family support services that establish a strong foundation for each child’s future.