A couple of years ago, while working in Columbia Heights, new mother Muriel would often see teachers guiding fleets of babies in strollers and lines of toddlers on walks throughout the neighborhood. Already on the lookout for an early learning center where she could enroll her own daughter, Muriel decided to inquire about where these classes were coming from and found CentroNía just a few blocks away from where she worked. She visited with admissions office staff, who provided an overview of CentroNía’s programs and admissions process and placed Muriel’s daughter Kennedy on the waitlist. In the meantime, Muriel researched CentroNía and continued to observe the way our teachers interacted with children on their walks around the neighborhood.

Kennedy and Muriel have now been a part of the CentroNía family for a little over a year. When asked about her experience so far, Muriel says, “I couldn’t have asked for a better team of teachers and support staff. No matter where I am throughout the facility, I am greeted with a smile, warm presence, and a willingness to assist in anyway. Disney has nothing on CentroNía, it is truly the happiest place on Earth.”

Kennedy doing an activity in class at CentroNía.
Kennedy loves learning! Here, she’s doing a counting activity in her classroom at CentroNía.

Recent events have undoubtedly made Muriel and Kennedy’s first year with CentroNía especially unique, but Muriel chooses to look on the bright side of things, noting that the pandemic has given them the chance to revisit their mother-daughter bond. CentroNía’s shift to online learning also helped them keep up Kennedy’s learning progress through interactive virtual lessons, brought them closer together as they engaged in new at-home enrichment activities, and allowed for a smooth transition back into the classroom environment when our doors reopened in June.

Going back to school has been very different this year, but Muriel says, “as a parent looking to provide consistency and a sense of normalcy for their child, I commend CentroNía for the strict measures in place for the children, parents, and staff, to ensure the safest environment for everyone. I constantly brag about CentroNía because not only do they take care of my little one, but they also take care of me by providing peace of mind.”