Dear CentroNía Families,

I have been feeling a lot of emotions and thinking a lot about the state of our country over these last two weeks. On a personal level, the killing of George Floyd, and the ongoing and powerful demonstrations in support of BLACK LIVES MATTER, are very emotional for me. I just don’t have the words for what I see in the eyes and hear in the voices of my Black family members and friends.

But it is important that I find some words as the President & CEO of CentroNía. For 35 years, CentroNía has lived its commitment to being multicultural and multiracial. Racists and racism have to be called out and denounced whenever and wherever we see it. But it’s my profound belief that it’s not enough to say the right things. We have to act on what we believe. CentroNía will continue to simultaneously take actions that respect our diversity and promote social and governmental policies and programs that are grounded in fairness, equity and equality for all.

I believe “we are how we treat each other, nothing more”. This quote comes from my favorite song “Nothing More” by the Alternate Routes. With our moral compass grounded in kindness and goodness, let those words continue to guide our actions and relationships.

With a heavy but always hopeful heart,
Myrna Peralta, CentroNía President & CEO