When it comes to early childhood education and care, quality matters. Research confirms that high-quality environments, program structure, and teacher-child interactions bestow long-lasting benefits, impacting the development of children’s personalities and their future school and life success. Even the Federal Reserve underscores the economic benefits of high-quality early childhood education, calculating a $7.00 return for every $1.00 invested in early childhood.

For more than 30 years, CentroNía has been committed to promoting each child’s optimal physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development in a safe and nurturing environment for them, their families, and teachers. This quest to provide the best early care and education fueled a dedicated effort to reach new and higher levels of quality as measured by Capital Quality, the recently enhanced Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) for the District. Capital Quality assessment results are now public, and CentroNía is proud to be one of the 15 childcare providers rated “high-quality” in the District!

As we look toward the future, CentroNía will continue to improve quality at each center, crystallizing best practices and harnessing the power of child and program assessment data to respond to the needs of teachers and children in every classroom, every day.