Family reunification is a dream come true for many immigrants living in this country. However, while preparing for his wife Haymanot and daughter Hasset to join him in the United States, Yona’s, who had recently migrated from Ethiopia, found himself concerned about who would care for his daughter while his wife learned English and found a job. Seeking a solution, Yona’s asked his neighbor where her children attended preschool and she told him about CentroNía. After Yona’s visited our center, he was placed on the waitlist and by the time his family arrived, a spot for Hasset was available. While Hasset attended preschool and began to learn, grow, and socialize with her CentroNía family, Haymanot was able to attend Carlos Rosario Charter School, learn English, and, shortly after, find a job.

Looking back, Yona’s recalls how everyone at CentroNía was quick to accommodate Hasset’s unique needs. He also remembers how quickly Hasset gained confidence and learned English. In addition to providing affordable and high-quality child care in a bilingual multicultural environment, CentroNía works to alleviate the level of stress for newcomers by providing assistance and resources to make transitioning easier. Yona’s has taken advantage of many of CentroNía’s additional resources, including the Rental Housing Search Clinic, Second Language Acquisition Training, and the Diaper Bank.

 “I have no words to express how grateful I am to CentroNía” Yona’s says. “They came into my life when I most needed support to successful transition my daughter and wife to their lives in the United States. They went above and beyond to make Hasset feel at home.”

Today, Hasset is a bright and kind kindergartener who has successfully graduated from our program. Now, her younger sister Yosabeth is a part of the CentroNía family. Every morning, Yosabeth runs to hug her teachers and friends. Yona’s and Haymanot note that they are surprised by how fast she is learning and are excited for their younger son Kerawd to soon attend CentroNía as well.

Every child deserves quality educational experiences, especially in their earliest years that nurture their development. This is why CentroNía is committed to continuing its work and needs YOU as a champion of our community, guaranteeing our children have a safe, high-quality space to learn and grow.

 Studies show that a child’s early development determines the foundation for growth, concept learning, memory, problem solving, and relationships with adults and other children. During these years, even more significant advances occur in language development. Additionally, studies indicate that early childhood education services generate positive effects on parental education, labor force participation, and income, making investment in high-quality early childhood education a powerful way to create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity. Yona’s and his family are a perfect example of this two-generational effect. Your support ensures that each and every child in our programs has a safe space to learn and grow as well as equitable access to opportunities that will ultimately make them, their families, and our region stronger.

As summer comes to a close and we welcome our early learners back to school, we invite you to join us in their journey to school readiness. You can make a difference for all our children and their families as they continue to learn and grow in a supportive environment!