Ms. Hana joined the CentroNía family four years ago. Prior to joining CentroNía she worked as a waitress at a restaurant where she happened to meet CentroNía President & CEO Myrna Peralta. Myrna was a regular customer and Hana would regularly chat during her visits. During one of those visits, Myrna spoke to Ms. Hana about CentroNía which immediately caught her attention. She researched the organization and became interested in becoming an early childhood teacher so she decided to obtain her Child Development Associate (CDA) certification through the free CDA Training Program offered at CentroNía. Ms. Hana completed the program and obtained her credential. Soon after, Ms. Hana was hired as a Teacher’s Assistant for an infants and toddlers classroom at CentroNía. Because of her hard work and passion for teaching young children, Ms. Hana was recently promoted to Lead Teacher and she is so proud and excited.

 “I have learned so many lessons from the children at CentroNía,” Ms. Hana said. “They teach me something new every day!”

For Ms. Hana it’s an honor to play such an important role in the development of young children. The children in her classroom start as early as 3 months and stay with her until they reach 14 months. Every day they do activities together to develop their fine and gross motor skills to ensure they begin crawling and walking at the right time. She also works closely with the parents to update them on their child’s development and give them advice on how to keep the classroom alive at home. Often times she writes down the activities they do in class for parents to take home! At CentroNía, teachers like Ms. Hana develop strong relationships with parents to build trust and to ensure the children enrolled in our program continue learning and growing in and out of the classroom.

 “Young children are our future and I’m proud that the work I’m doing as a teacher helps make their futures brighter,” Ms. Hana shared. “It’s so rewarding to see the children grow and learn. I get so excited every time one of them starts to crawl, takes their first steps, and says their first words!”

When you walk into Ms. Hana’s class you will notice how much she loves to read and sing to the children. She even asks parents about any particulars songs their children like at home so that she can play them while they are at CentroNía. There’s no question that Ms. Hana’s class is full of joy and laughter all day long!