Over the past three decades, thousands of children and families have walked through the doors at CentroNía, setting the foundation for lasting relationships for generations to come.

Today, we honor the life of an incredible member of the CentroNía family, Maria Consuelo Naranjo. Maria was a Montgomery County worker whose grandson graduated from CentroNía’s site in Maryland in 2010.  She was so grateful for her experiences at CentroNía and the education her grandson received that when he left the program she became a fierce advocate and supporter. Many of her friends and colleagues recall her speaking fondly of CentroNía and raising awareness about the organization and the programs offered. She often spoke of the great services that CentroNía was providing the community and would frequently refer her patients to their programs. Because of Maria’s advocacy, many parents registered for the wait list early and several of her friends and family applied for employment at CentroNía. Even after life, her love and passion for CentroNía’s mission is felt with the request to friends and family to donate to CentroNía rather than sending flowers.

Maria was loved by her patients and was skilled at making sure everyone in the room felt valued and had their learning needs met. Her classes were filled with laughter, and learning.” said Rebecca Smith, her former supervisor. “She is sorely missed by her colleagues at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and many have made donations in her name to CentroNía.”

Maria Consuelo will be dearly missed by her CentroNía family. Thank you, Maria, for your passionate and unwavering support for our mission. Thanks to advocates like you many more children and families are able to access the resources and services they need to learn, grow, and thrive.