CentroNía is dedicated to families learning, growing, and thriving together! When you walk through the doors, you immediately feel the strong sense of community, support, and love. Momina, her husband Negasit, and their children Yusuf and Yasir joined the CentroNía family three years ago. Yusuf started the Pre-K program at age 4 and his brother Yasir started with our Early Head Start (EHS) home-visiting program at 1 and transitioned into the classroom when he turned 2. After three years of learning and growing at CentroNía, Momina and Negasit couldn’t be happier.

After being referred to CentroNía by family friends, Momina and Negasit—knowing the importance of high-quality early childhood education—were instantly drawn to CentroNía’s programming. Through CentroNía, they knew their children would receive the vital foundation for learning they needed to thrive later in life. Your support ensures that each and every child in our programs has a safe space to learn and grow as well as equitable access to opportunities that will ultimately make them and our region stronger.

Momina and Negasit were immediately impressed by CentroNía’s Admissions Specialist, Mirna Medrano. “Mirna was kind, attentive and provided a full scope of what CentroNía provides to children and families enrolled in the program,” Momina says. “Both my husband and I felt welcomed at the center immediately.”

Momina and her husband Negasit pictured with their two children, Yusuf and Yasir, in their home.

Shortly after starting at CentroNía, Momina and her husband could see their children beaming with happiness and learning something new every day. Seeing this growth, Momina knew she wanted to be more involved, so she started to volunteer in the classroom. After a few months as a volunteer, Dayana Muniz, CentroNía Family Support Associate, shared with Momina that she could see how passionate she was about teaching young children and encouraged her to consider becoming certified as a Child Development Associate (CDA) to eventually teach a class of her own. Momina was thrilled and with the help of Dayana, Momina joined a training program and received her CDA certification within a year.

Today, Momina works as a Teacher Assistant at CentroNía’s site in Maryland. To further her development, Momina is also taking English classes to improve her speaking and writing skills. Ultimately, Momina would like to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Inspired by the incredible dedication and passion she sees among the teachers and staff at CentroNía, Momina strives to be a lasting impact on the lives of her students.

Today, Yusuf has since graduated from CentroNía and is flourishing in first grade. Yasir has grown so much and is now in Pre-K. Yasir will proudly share that he knows the numbers from 1-100, all the letters in the alphabet, and he speaks three languages: Amharic, English, and Spanish. Recently Yasir’s class began a new unit called “Body Parts”. He enjoys sharing his new found knowledge about his body with anyone he meets. Yasir and Momina also love to read together, especially books about animals. Because of your support this December, 500 CentroNía early learners and their families will be better prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Both Momina and Negasit are extremely grateful to the CentroNía teachers and staff that have supported them throughout the journey of their children’s education. For Momina in particular, becoming part of the CentroNía family gave her the chance to discover her passion for education and take the steps she needed to begin her path to a successful career as a teacher!

As the staff and families at CentroNía gather this holiday season, they reflect on their blessings and count YOU as one of them.

Please make an urgently needed tax-deductible contribution to CentroNía in the spirit of the season. Your gift will support this life-changing center that welcomes more than 2,400 children and families each year. While the circumstances that bring each family to CentroNía may be different, their hopes are the same.

Thank you for your generous donation during this holiday season—our mission is only possible with your investment in children like Yusuf and Yasir. On behalf of all the children and families of CentroNía, please accept our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!