Every year, donors, volunteers, supporters, and friends impact the lives of CentroNía’s children and families. For the past four years, Kristen Stehling has been a valuable part of the CentroNía community—sharing her time, treasure, and talent. Born and raised in Texas, Kristen moved to DC 12 years ago to complete her undergraduate studies at The George Washington University. She moved to Mount Pleasant a few years ago and through her friendship with staff members at CentroNía she learned about the organization and was drawn to support CentroNía’s mission.

“For me it’s a rewarding way to give back to the community that I’m now part of and make a difference locally, especially in a time when it feels hard to do so.” Kristen says.

Since she was introduced to CentroNía she has participated in fundraisers, social events, volunteering when needed, and has become a recurring donor. Recently Kristen joined CentroNía’s Advisory Committee which is comprised of a group of enthusiastic and passionate young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s who network and raise friends, funds, and visibility for the children and families of CentroNía. The Advisory Committee works together to create year-round opportunities of engagement ranging from hosting fundraising events to volunteering with our community.

Kristen decided to be a part of the CentroNía Advisory Committee because she wanted to keep supporting CentroNía and get involved on a more regular basis, while networking and connecting with the community. For her it’s an energizing way to connect with other young professionals that are committed to help underserved communities.

“CentroNía is a representation of the community that I live in and I feel fortunate to be able to support my neighbors and other families in need” she adds.

This month Kristen is going above and beyond and will be hosting her first social event to raise funds and introduce CentroNía to new friends!

We are grateful to Kristen’s commitment and dedication to CentroNía’s mission.