This spring CentroNía’s Studio R.O.C.K.S. students learned to be “heroes” on their community. During the program, students explored how they could make a difference in their neighborhood and beyond. Since the beginning of March this year, each class from Kindergarten to Fifth grade decided to participate in a program-wide competition to collect bottle caps. At the end of the competition, the bottle caps would be donated to Caps of Love – a nonprofit organization that provides free wheelchairs and wheelchair repairs to handicapped children under the age of 21 in the U.S. After some research done by teachers and administrators, they decided that Caps of Love was the great organization to support. The fact that they support children through the use of recycle materials also allowed teachers to teach students about the importance of protecting the environment.  During three months, every students worked very hard to collect as many caps as possible knowing that they would be able to help more children in need. Many students even got their families involved in the collection as well.

One of the families in Kindergarten was able to collect over 7,000 caps just on their own—making their class the winner of the competition with a total of 10,632 caps. By the end, CentroNía’s Studio R.O.C.K.S. students were able to donate a total of 21,584 bottle caps!

For students like Enasia this was a very educational opportunity. “It was a very exciting project for me. I learned about wheel chairs and how they can be made of recyclable materials” says Enasia. “I also learned that to help other children in need I don’t to have a lot of money. I can simply collect bottle caps” she adds.

“With this activity, we wanted to teach children that there is a hero in every story,” says Juan Muñoz, CentroNía’s Studio R.O.C.K.S. Coordinator. “We wanted to emphasize the importance of helping other children and raise awareness among our students that there are many different people in the world in need. We’re excited to make this a yearly activity thanks to the enthusiasm we saw in our community!”