CentroNía nominates Morcia Minor, PNC Bank HR Director, for the Superstar Volunteer Award presented by Mission Box. Morcia, as the team leader of a committed group of PNC volunteers, has been an outstanding volunteer for 5 years, bringing her caring and positive nature and sense of community into our school.

Morcia’s volunteer work ranges from disinfecting toys and cleaning classrooms, to reading, performing puppet stories, leading art activities and face painting with CentroNía’s early learners, assisting with office filing and reorganization, and providing support with graduation ceremonies. Morcia brings tremendous energy, attention to detail, attentiveness and a unique ability to inspire, organize and lead her group of bank professionals; all with a perpetual smile. Her infectious interest and enthusiasm results in the steady participation of her team in projects that develop CentroNía early learners and support the staff. As a result, Morcia and her team are always welcomed with excitement by the children when entering the classrooms.

As community service providers, CentroNía is impressed by Morcia’s leadership and ability to work with the children, teachers and administration on a variety of projects. Morcia’s team is so committed that when their group earned iPads for their extensive service hours, she donated the 5 brand new iPads to CentroNía.

Morcia displays a strong sense of community and applies a hands on work ethic in everything she does. Her mission has been to lead her team in support our children & staff while creating an awareness of CentroNía’s work, history, our community and the existing needs among her colleagues who are not a part of her community service volunteer team.

For all these reasons, CentroNía encourages Mission Box to grant Morcia Minor of PNC Bank the Superstar Volunteer Award.

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