CentroNía, in partnership with its funding partners, is happy to announce the publication of the Theatrical Journey Playbook: Introducing Science to Early Learners through Guided Pretend Play. Designed as a Pre-K curriculum enhancement for formal and informal educators, the Theatrical Journey Playbook introduces early learners (ages 3-5) to science themes through hands-on, multi-sensory guided pretend play called “journeys.” The book includes theoretical foundations, methodology, materials, techniques, rubrics, references, and 23 journey scripts. The Theatrical Journey Playbook is available for purchase on CentroNía’s website and creator Elizabeth Bruce is also offering demonstrations to interested administrators and educators seeking to incorporate this STEM-themed project in their centers and schools.

In the Theatrical Journey Playbook, Pre-K children become science problem solvers who remedy science problems through hands-on simulations of real phenomenon. For example, the Teddy Bear gets sick and the children become the doctors who examine Teddy.

This publication provides comprehensive guidance to implement Theatrical Journeys in any early childhood classroom, and we are excited to share this with the early childhood education community, locally and beyond. As an esteemed resource for those in the education field, we would be honored if you would share this exciting new publication with your networks. Here you will find the official press release, and we are happy to coordinate interviews, live demonstrations, and/or provide any other information about the project.