Under the auspices of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and the federal government, in 2014 the CentroNía Institute became a HUB center of The Quality Improvement Network (QIN), a citywide effort to build capacity, increase access, and enhance the quality of Infant and Toddler care in the District of Columbia. This initiative has resulted in more children and families benefiting from early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services, including educational, health, nutritional, behavioral, and family support services which enhanced the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of participating children.

Through OSSE’s support, CentroNía, United Planning Organization (UPO), and Mary’s Center serve as hubs for 13 child development centers and 14 child development home-based centers serving over 444 children. Using the Early Head Start Standards and research-based best practices, as a HUB center, CentroNía Institute supports 6 centers in the city to reach Early Head Start’s Standards. To accomplish this purpose CentroNía employs the following:

  • Coaches: support teachers as reflective practitioners and center directors as instructional leaders.
  • Family Engagement Specialist: support and empower families in providing comprehensive services.
  • Health Coordinator: supports centers in making sure that all of the QIN children are up to date with their health status according to EHS standards.
  • Disabilities Coordinator: support families in understanding the referrals, evaluation, and necessary services for children who present any signs of atypical development.
  • Nutrition Specialist: supports and educate teachers and families in healthy living life style.

After three years of working with six early childhood education centers in the city, CentroNía is excited to announce the expansion of this initiative. Through our partnership with the Bainum Family Foundation and OSSE, the CentroNía Institute will now provide coaching and comprehensive services for an additional 62 children and families at National Children Center located in DC’s Ward 8, increasing this initiative total impact to 268 children and their families. Thanks to this new partnership more children will receive nurturing and responsive caregiving; their families will have access to family engagement specialists who support them in achieving their personal and professional goals, and the center’s teachers will receive coaching and additional resources to advance their skillsets as educators in early childhood education.

“We are grateful to the Bainum Foundation for providing the support needed for the CentroNía Institute to expand its comprehensive services to more children and families in need,” says Esteban Morales, CentroNía Institute Director.