On behalf of the CentroNía Board of Directors and our Management Team, it’s important the CentroNía family, our supporters, and the community-at-large, know that we stand with our immigrant families.

CentroNía was founded over 30 years ago in response to the lack of affordable and accessible quality child care for immigrant families coming to our area from El Salvador and other war-torn or struggling Central American countries. Over the years we have stayed true to serving them and expanding our services to other immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa, and from wherever civil and political strife have caused them to settle in our communities.  And in our service to them, we are stronger and representative of the long-standing American pledge to help all those in need and who commit themselves to caring for their families.

This is why President Trump’s recent racist statements are like a knife through the heart of our social justice foundation. At CentroNía there is no place for attitudes and words that demean and diminish our community of immigrants. Instead, we will continue to love and respect our immigrant children and their families. Our teachers and staff, many of whom themselves are immigrants, will continue to be supported as they reinforce the message that all children are worthy of our best efforts on their behalf.

We must and will do everything possible to inoculate our children from the ugly, damaging, and untruthful words of anyone who doesn’t see the beauty, strength, and potential of our immigrant population, wherever they come from. We will continue to wrap our immigrant children and family in the blanket of love that has been the hallmark of CentroNía.

CentroNía is also vigilantly following and responding to the policies, regulations, and funding priorities, whether national or local, that are being changed or are being considered for change. We can’t let the new level of racism and anti-immigrant sentiments filter into and further erode the social safety net that has protected our low-income working and immigrant families from total hopelessness.


Myrna Peralta, President & CEO