CentroNía is proud grantee of a $65,000 grant from Target to support the Food and Wellness program that produces and serves 2,300 nutritious meals and snacks daily in addition to educating adults and children to adopt healthy lifestyles, advocating for better food policies, and expanding this holistic model across communities. CentroNía’s partnership with Target was born out of its commitment to work with strategic partners to help communities and youth of all ages overcome barriers to wellness in the areas of access, affordability, and innovation.

This is the second year Target is supporting CentroNía’s Food and Wellness program. In its first year, Target’s grant allowed CentroNía to train 70% of our teachers to use a comprehensive wellness curriculum for children birth to 12 years old.  This training will continue in this second year to ensure all teachers receive the training. Additionally, in its first year CentroNía developed community partnerships to promote improved health or quality of life through healthy eating and active living. Partnerships were created and maintained with DC Central Kitchen, Community Foodworks, Crossroads Farmer’s Market and Wide Net Project. Through these partnerships, children and families at CentroNía had increased exposure to local foods and the opportunity to shop at local farmer’s markets via a voucher program.

With Target’s continued support, CentroNía will provide its teachers ongoing training for integrating food and wellness concepts into 32 early childhood education and out-of-school time classrooms through activities focused on health and wellness. Additionally, the grant will support community access to fresh, local foods through meals produced at CentroNía for the children enrolled in its programs. Lastly, this partnership provides funds for nutrition education workshops to families ensuring the healthy habits created in school are reinforced at home.

“CentroNía’s community of teachers, administrative staff, and leadership team work hard to ensure the needs of children and their parents are met in and out of the classroom,” says Bea Zuluaga, CentroNía Director of Food and Wellness. “We are thankful that Target joins us in our mission to empower families to lead health, active lives.”