Meet Zola:
The Koalas classroom recently welcomed three-year old Zola into their class. Every day she tells Mom about how much she loves her teachers Ms. Tami, Ms. Nicole, and Mr. Anthony. She even does a spot on impression of Mr. Anthony! At school Zola is super active. During circle time, she loves doing scissor kicks before she sits and joins her class as they hear about today’s lessons from Ms. Tami. When it’s time for recess, Zola and her friends enjoy playing tag upstairs on CentroNía’s rooftop playground. On very special days, Zola brings her favorite purple unicorn to class and introduces her to her friends! When it’s time for an energy boost, Zola enjoys snacking on broccoli, strawberries, or grapes.After a rejuvenating nap, it isn’t long before Zola is picked up by her mom to go home for the night. As much as Zola loves school and her teachers, she says the BEST part of her day is spending time with her “best friends” – her mom and sister. And when bedtime finally arrives, Zola and her family finishes the night reading her favorite book, “Meet the Numbers”.

 Meet Ashley:

At age four, Ashley is an early learner full of energy, wonder, and excitement. She is part of the Eagles classroom and loves her teachers Mr. Billo and Ms. Julia. Her typical day at CentroNía starts with a healthy breakfast followed by circle time where Ms. Billo reads to the whole class. Often times, Ashley asks Ms. Billo to read her favorite book, “The First Thanksgiving”. Ashley’s family speaks Spanish at home, so she really enjoys reading and speaking English in class with her friends. After circle time, Ashley and her classmates get choice time and can play at any of the stations in the classroom. This is Ashley’s favorite part of the day! Most days, she chooses her favorite activity: coloring. Sunny days and summer are Ashley’s favorite times of the year, so her artwork is always very bright and colorful!

Meet Melody:
Melody is a four-year old preschooler excited to start Kindergarten next year. Every day she looks forward to painting during group activity time. She paints shapes and loves mixing colors together to make new ones. Melody paints family portraits, but she loves to draw animals from the zoo. Melody has a great imagination and big dreams. She really likes animals and wants to be a veterinarian someday. During Ms. Elizabeth’s theatrical journey class, Melody loves pretending to be a doctor to help sick patient, Mr. Teddy Bear, feel better. She’s a very caring friend! This year, as winter gets closer, Melody hopes it will snow so she can sled and make a BIG snowman.
Meet Rio:
Charismatic three-year old Rio is an early learner in Pre-K at CentroNía. When he is not busy making new friends in class, Rio likes to run and play with his teacher, Ms. Nicole. He likes to stay active and loves doing yoga in the Dance Studio with Ms. Karen, the physical education teacher from CentroNía partner KidFit. Before naptime, Rio looks forward to eating a healthy lunch-always hoping it’ll be his favorite, spaghetti! After getting some rest, Mr. Anthony starts a dance party to wake up the class and Rio LOVES to show off his ‘cool’ dance moves. Rio is also a very proud Spanish-language learner! He enjoys when Ms. Tami reads to the class in Spanish. In fact, when 3rd graders from Georgetown Day School come to volunteer in his class, Rio often shares his newest Spanish words with them!