For past five years, CentroNía has been changing the lives of hundreds of current and aspiring early childhood educators through the Child Development Associate (CDA) training program. CentroNía is honored to announce that our training program was awarded the new CDA® Gold Standard Training Certification by the CDA Council of Professional Recognition. This new certification will help early childhood educators find high-quality training and student services they need to prepare for the CDA exam. Additionally, CentroNía is proud to be one of the few training programs to offer both English and Spanish language cohorts AND provide hands-on experience in the a bilingual setting.

This recognition was awarded to organizations that successfully demonstrated their early childhood education training and student services are based on the Council’s three industry-leading principles:

  • Alignment with the CDA formal education coursework found in the CDA’s Eight Subject Areas.
  • Sound business policies and practices.
  • Quality student services that meet their educational and professional needs.

Other CDA Gold Standard Training Certification Recipients Include:

  • ProSolutions Training, Atlanta, GA
  • Trinity Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • The Care Courses School, Inc., McLean, VA
  • Rasmussen College, Bloomington, MN
  • Bright Horizons, Watertown, MA
  • American Federation of Teachers, Washington, D.C.

“We believe that our new CDA Gold Standard Training Certification adds value and integrity to the early childhood profession by verifying connections between the Council’s proven teacher competencies and the quality of training resources available to CDA students,” Valora Washington, chief executive officer, Council for Professional Recognition said. “We are also reinforcing the importance of strong collaboration with high-quality early childhood educators, administrators, colleges, universities and training organizations.”