“Splish, splash!” yells a group of delighted early learners from CentroNía’s mobiles class. While the children are playing, Ms. Gildy picks up a bucket of toy fish and dumps them into the water. One by one each of the curious little explorers grabs a fish and makes them come to life swimming under the water. Ms. Gildy starts singing a song about the ocean and all the fishes that live there as she lifts the hose up over their heads and mists them. “Whooosh, Whooosh” she says, imitating the sounds of the ocean. All the children raise their hands and giggle as the mist rains down over them.

With summer in full swing, many of CentroNía teachers are incorporating water play into their class activities. This lesson was extra special because parents were invited to participate in the fun with their children so they could see just how much learning can happen with a little bit of water.

Play is an important part of learning, and young children get particularly excited about water. Because it’s so fun and easy, water play is a PERFECT opportunity to teach! Early learners not only practice their fine motor skills grasping objects like the little fish and moving them around, but they also learn foundational science. What floats and what sinks in the water? What kind of animals live in the water? How do animals move under the water? Water play is a perfect addition to a lesson on the ocean!

There are so many opportunities to learn during summer trips to the pool or beach—or even in the bathtub. Check out photos from water play at CentroNía below.

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