A philanthropic heart doesn’t just give, it feels the desire and the responsibility to give. Riley and his family are a true example of philanthropy in action, showing their dedication through their involvement and investment in the CentroNía community. Riley learned about CentroNía’s early childhood education programs when his older brother Liam participated in a service day with his school. That day, Liam and his classmates spent the morning volunteering with CentroNía’s Pre-K program, reading and playing with our early learners. Since then, both Liam and Riley, along with their sister Mallory have been committed to the CentroNía mission—visiting on their days off from school to read and spend time with CentroNía’s young learners.

Now going into 8th grade, Riley decided he wanted to do even more! He spent weekends shoveling snow and doing yard work to earn money to purchase books for CentroNía. With the money he raised, Riley donated five full bags of bilingual board books to the early learners at CentroNía. Board books are especially appreciated for our 0-3 early readers as they learn how to care for books, while also teething and getting a little messy. Bilingual books, in particular, can sometimes be hard to find, so there is always a need in our community library. Recently, Riley and his family dropped off the books and spent the morning reading and drawing with a group of kindergartners, first, and second graders in CentroNía’s summer camp program, Studio ROCKS. They even brought some books featuring sharks—a special request from their last visit.

Riley and Mallory pose with the Pre-K class they volunteered with.

“I liked hearing the story about sharks because I love sharks. It was also really fun to have to them visit our classroom!” says Christopher M., a second grader in Studio ROCKS.

At CentroNía we feel truly grateful to have such compassionate individuals with such commitment and desire to help children in need.

To learn more about volunteering or other opportunities to get involved please visit our “Get Involved” section in our website.