This week we celebrate our wonderful, hardworking teachers in our community. Today we would like to honor one of our resilient and incredible Pre-k teachers.  Originally from Senegal, Ms. Billo became a Pre-k Teacher at CentroNía in 2003.

Before joining CentroNía, Ms. Billo worked part-time at an elementary school after being laid off from her job. She was in need of a full-time, stable income and a friend recommended CentroNía.

“After the attacks of September 11, it was extremely hard for Muslims to find a job. I’ll be eternally grateful to CentroNía for opening their doors and allowing me to become part of such beautiful multicultural family. Since the day they hired me CentroNía has respected my religion and accommodated my needs – like praying 5 times a day,” Ms. Billo shares.

Coming from a family of teachers, Ms. Billo believes being a teacher means versatility.  Every day she gets to be a guide, a mom, a dad, a doctor, a friend, and one of the most influential people in a child’s life. She especially enjoys working with Pre-K students because she feels she has a genuine relationship with each of her students.

“If they are happy they will show you happiness and if they are mad they will also make you sure you know that,” She adds.

To her teaching peers, Ms. Billo says to always remember the enormous impact that a teacher has on the life of an early learner. “It’s not easy, but with patience and love we can overcome anything,” Ms. Billo says.