In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we’d like you to meet Mr. Ricky, one of CentroNía’s beloved early childhood teachers.  He joined the CentroNía family nearly 20 years ago, and in that time Mr. Ricky has touched the lives of many early learners and their families! We even highlighted one of his former students, Brian, last year!

Mr. Ricky shares, “Every day I receive lots of love and enjoy the small moments only teachers get to see!”

Educating children is Mr. Ricky’s passion although it took him some time to figure that out.  Before joining CentroNía he worked as an office administrator but always felt something was missing from his career. At the time his office job was sustainable, but he didn’t go home with any stories to share with his family.  CentroNía’s Founder BB Otero invited Mr. Ricky to join the CentroNía Family and even though he wasn’t sure at first, Mr. Ricky felt his passion was calling. And when he first visited the organization he was certain he wanted to be part of what he calls “a rich culture and diverse environment”.

“I didn’t find my dream job. It called me. I love what I do because I love children” Mr. Ricky explained.


Today, Mr. Ricky is grateful he can impact the lives of so many children at such a critical age in their development. His message to fellow teachers is to never forget children may learn at a different rate but they can all learn.

“When you feel burnt out, tired, and frustrated remember the sea is wide and the boat is small yet YOU are the wind each child needs to sail. Never give up!” says Mr. Ricky.