In 2016, CentroNía entered a 5-year partnership with Herren Associates, a management consulting firm with nearly 30 years of experience supporting non-profits through various outreach programs. In 2014, through a grant sponsored by the Taproot Foundation, Herren Associates worked with CentroNía over a 5-month period with a project team of 5 consultants and committed over 200 hours to the organization. Working with CentroNía’s executive leadership, Herren created a executive dashboard to evaluate CentroNia’s performance. Herren Associates also worked with CentroNía’s admissions department to map out current processes and provided recommendations for improvement. Even after the grant sponsored project ended, the relationship established with Herren Associates continued through volunteer opportunities within our community. Moving forward Herren will provide pro bono consulting services to help CentroNía achieve it’s strategic plan priorities. Herren has the expertise and tools nonprofit organizations need to ignite change and amplify mission success and we are very excited Herren Associates is our strategic partner.