One of CentroNia’s greatest assests is its hard working and dependable teachers who make it a priority to create safe spaces for our early learners to grow and learn. One of those teachers is Ms. Gildy who joined the CentroNía family 10 years ago first as a mother, then a volunteer, and later a classroom assistant. Ms. Gildy’s natural ability to work with our earliest learners has been recognized by the entire community. Most recently, CentroNia was honored to promote Ms. Gildy to be a lead teacher in one of CentroNía’s Mobiles classes, working with our one year old early learners. She loves to sing and read to the children. One of her favorite morning activities is to sing “Te quiero yo [I love you]”.

For Ms. Gildy, being an early childhood education teacher is daily challenge and an affirmation she has found her purpose in life. “Seeing each child develop new learning skills is a unique gift that I receive every day. The first five years in a life of a child are crucial. I feel fortunate to be a part of their development and growth.” says Ms. Gildy

A Ms. Gildy Favorite: Ms. Gildy loves reading the bilingual rhyming story “I Love You Through and Through” and recommends it to any parent with a bilingual early learner.