Your gift means safety, opportunity, and success.

CentroNía is committed to continuing its work in solidarity with YOU as champions for the most marginalized people in our community. Your investment guarantees that each and every child, no matter their financial status, has a safe space to learn and grow as well as equitable access to opportunities that will ultimately make our region stronger.

CentroNía benefits the children who participate in its programs by setting them on a strong trajectory that ensures they develop a lifelong love for learning. Rexanah Wyse, a former CentroNía early learner, credits CentroNía for preparing her to achieve in school and beyond. Rexanah began her time at CentroNía as a toddler nearly 30 years ago and grew with CentroNía’s out of school time program and summer camp.

Rexanah’s mom turned to CentroNía when she needed a safe and high-quality, yet affordable childcare program for her daughter. Despite challenges faced by her family, Rexanah was able to grow and succeed with CentroNía. Coming from an immigrant family, the open, diverse community at CentroNía allowed Rexanah to feel welcome and accepted, providing a nurturing and safe space. With support from donors like you, CentroNía is able to accommodate families facing financial hardship. An investment in early childhood education is an investment in our future.

“CentroNía did not shut the door on us. For that I will always be grateful.”

Today, Rexanah works as a prosecutor for the truancy prevention program in Montgomery County. This program is geared toward keeping students in schools and families out of court. Most of the students in these programs are youth of color, many of whom are immigrants.

“In these students, I see myself. Aware, yet full of hope. The program I manage provides positive support to the students, just like CentroNia’s provided positive support to me when I was growing up.”

CentroNía laid the foundation for Rexanah’s success—welcoming and empowering her to recognize the value of her voice. At CentroNía more than 2,400 children and their families are given an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. While the circumstances that bring each family to CentroNía may be different, their hopes for a safe and prosperous future are the same.

Your year-end tax-deductible gift provides our most financially vulnerable families with the support they need to help children like Rexanah succeed!