Dear Families,

CentroNía understands that everyone is wondering, with some anxiety, how we, our families and our community will be impacted by the results of the presidential and congressional elections. The answer is, we don’t know the impact yet, but we will be vigilant in protecting what we cherish most- our commitment to be diverse, multicultural and in the business of serving the child care needs of low-income, immigrant, working families.

First and foremost, our children will continue to have a safe, supportive, and loving place to come to every day. we will not tolerate any words or actions that disrespect or threaten our families or staff. Second, we will work with others in our community to educate policymakers and fight against any regulations that adversely affect our families and their right to high quality child care.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Family Center for support and information on resources. They can be reached via Facebook @CentroNía Family Center or by phone at 202-332-4200 ext. 1008, 1017 & 1076.

Let’s all stay strong and trust in each other during these uncertain and, for too many of us, fearful times.


Myrna Peralta
CentroNía President & CEO

To read this message in Spanish please follow this link.