July 1, 2015 – The CentroNía Institute, a professional development program at CentroNía focusing on early education professionals, officially launched the CentroNía Institute Reflective Practice Approach (CIRPA) Toolkit at the Denton law offices in Washington, DC with an audience of about 50 educators, government officials, and funders. The CIRPA Toolkit release is an exciting milestone for the CentroNía Institute who have worked tirelessly to compile and disseminate CentroNía’s 30 years worth of experience in combination with best practices and new research in early education. During the event presentation, Esteban Morales, Educational Director at the CentroNía Institute, stated, “We are moving from early care to early learning when implementing the CIRPA Toolkit.” In the coming months the CentroNía Institute will be working with 13 centers around Washington, DC to implement the CIRPA Toolkit and provide one-on-one coaching to teachers and administrators. During this time the model will be evaluated – a step made possible through wonderful partnerships with Washington Area Women’s Foundation and Fight for Children.