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Food & Nutrition

When children and families have the proper nutrition, they are best positioned to learn. CentroNía’s Food and Nutrition Department’s mission is to produce healthy meals for CentroNía’s community and to encourage children, parents, and staff to adopt healthy lifestyles by making informed food choices.

Convinced that food is a crucial factor in the physical and intellectual development of children; we provide CentroNía’s students and staff homemade, delicious, and nutritious meals prepared with local produce (when available), a variety of whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins.  Our menus are rich in fiber and low in fat, sugar, and sodium.

The Food & Nutrition Department also provides nutrition education workshops and classes to parents, staff, and students. The “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy” is a multidisciplinary curriculum with detailed lesson plans for our youngest students in Early Childhood. Our belief is by starting the conversation early about healthy eating, children are more likely to grow up maintaining a healthy lifestyle.