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Community Education

CentroNía partners with families and institutions to make our community stronger.  Working with a spectrum of learners from children to adults, our goal is to help students develop skills they will need for a lifetime: in school, at work, as parents, and as leaders in our community.  Our success comes from our innovative approach, which draws power from our multicultural, bilingual heritage and brings community members together.

  • Studio R.O.C.K.S. (Reading, Outdoors, Creativity, Knowledge, Self-Discovery) is a before- and after-school  multi-disciplinary program that weaves together academics, poetry, drama, music, dance, chess, fine arts, photography and technology. These activities provide every child with the opportunity to develop as achievers, leaders, athletes and creative thinkers.
  • Family Literacy Program promotes bilingual literacy in the family as a whole.The program Incorporates the following programs, to encourage the support of both the parent and child.
    • Tutoring Program provides weekly individualized reading and math support to public, charter, and private school students in grades K-12th.
    • Family Book Clubs strengthens relationships as parents and children read and share stories to build literacy skills.
  • The Family Center The Family Center offers ongoing educational opportunities to adults and the community through workshops, counseling and classes on topics such as parent leadership, crisis intervention, child abuse prevention, child safety, child development and employment readiness, as well as advocacy and referrals. 
  • Youth Leadership engages middle and high school students to gain cultural sensitivity through social advocacy. Youth gain competency in multi-media technology, professional development and the fine arts, through hands-on experience in both traditional and new media.

Our Partners

Collaboration and partnerships have helped sustain and grow CentroNía’s impact. Key partners include: